About Yusef van der Kimpen

This blog is created to promote understanding of Islam. Islam is mostly misunderstand in the West and this often by purpose. Many enemies of Islam have stood up but so many people of all nations convert to Islam. As said the prophet Jesus (Isa) (peace be upon him) light can’t be hidden. Yes, darkness is all present, but light, how tiny it is is victorious over darkness.

For the Muslim readers, I belong to no specific group and fallow the Maliki madhab. Islam is not only a set of rules, but is a pad of enlightenment and love with our Creator.   

Why I chose to name my blog Garden of Roses ? Because I’m a real a lover of Roses and I have some English roses in my garden. They are a beautiful illustration of what is life for a believer. Most of your life is a battle of thorns, but thankfully by the grace of Allah beautiful flowers that fill the air with fragrant blooms are on top of it.

So far so good, I hope Allah in his rahma (merci) will lead you to His light.